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A New Era at Unilite

A great workspace is so important for a happy team, and although we’ve always prided ourselves on our office space and work environment, we thought we could improve for our future visions. To do that we needed more space and a Unilite expansion!

At Unilite HQ we originally had a mezzanine on our upper floor, and we decided we needed more space so in December 2020 we set to work upgrading the mezzanine with our 7000 sq-ft expansion.

So you may ask what was our goal? Well over the last year, our team has expanded rapidly with more effort going into our marketing and design teams, so we can keep putting out great products and letting you know about them, so part of the upgrade was to offer more space and freedom for our staff members but that’s not all.

The Unilite Studio

Unilite expansion studio shot

Our goal for 2021 is to be able to provide more premium content than we have been able to do previously. This is why we needed a Unilite expansion! Introducing Unilite’s new studio. A large open space with incredible acoustics thanks to it’s sound proof cladded wall. This will be our hub for Unilite’s creative productions headed up by our studio lead Jack Johnson. In the studio we have the latest camera equipment including high end cameras from Sony and incredible accessories that allow us to capture beautiful shots of our products. It’s not just video though. You may have heard rumours of our new podcast ‘Trade Legends’. Inside the studio is a dedicated space with state of the art microphones and a setup designed to look like everyone’s dream man cave, including rugged wooden walls, all the tools you can dream of, a dartboard and beer fridge full of our new Unilite Trade Legends Beers seals the deal! Over 2021 you can look forward to high quality video and audio content coming out of our studio and we hope you’re as excited to experience it as we are to create it.

Unilite expansion lighting

Next up our new conferencing room with state of the art video communications, as we expand in to territories around the world we realised we needed to up our comms game. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we also realised work from home is feasible but having a space within Unilite that everyone can join in and feel like they’re in the office is important to feel like part of the team. Our new conferring room is going to be getting a lot of use over the months and years to come, maybe we’ll see you on the big screen!

Last but certainly not least in Unilite expansion is our break-out / meeting room. This space was designed for when you need to take a break, make a call or just need to focus up on a piece of work without getting distracted from the rest of the office. The room has been kitted out with comfortable furniture and a huge 65” LG Smart TV with a brand new Xbox Series X. We didn’t want to stop there though. Black Controllers are so 2010, so we added a little bit of Unilite magic and upgraded the controllers to our signature electric yellow.

Unilite pod room

All of the changes we have made to the office have been designed to keep Unilite ready for the future whilst also providing a great work experience for our team. Our goal is to make every member of our team really want to come to work and be passionate about our brand and what they do, everyone from our warehouse team to marketing and legal should love what they do.

So we’ll see you soon, whether that’s on our podcast, some of our new video content or just dropping in for a game of Fifa!

If Unilite sounds like somewhere you would love to work and you’re motivated and passionate about everything you do, why not check out our careers page and find out where you fit in at Team Unilite. We’d love to hear from you.

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