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CRI-1650R Work Light

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Introducing the CRI-1650 High CRI Work Light 

The CRI-1650 is the latest in our range of work lights designed for highly detailed and colour accurate work, such as vehicle detailing or painting. The CRI-1650R has a tiny form factor for a work light with this many features, with a width of just 111mm and weighs less than 500 grams whilst still outputting a huge 1650 Lumens through its powerful COB LED. A smorgasbord of advanced features will make this an essential and often used tool in your repertoire. We have detailed some of our favourite features below. 

CRI-1650 Colour Accurate & Powerful 

Let’s start with the essentials, the light itself. The CRI-1650R sports an ultrabright 1650 Lumen COB LED that outputs at 13.8W perfect for working on vehicles or rooms of a medium size where a lot of light is required. It is not just about the power when it comes to light, the accuracy of the light is very important when working on projects, such as painting or vehicle detailing where colours can appear very differently depending on the light. The CRI-1650R is certified to a High CRI 96+ Standard which means the rendering of objects from the light is almost perfect. We have also included a range of temperatures for the light so your work can be seen under different conditions including 2700k, 3500k 4500k & 6500k. 

Alongside the powerful 1650 Lumen LED the CRI-1605R includes 4x 395nm UV LEDs on the front of the body. UV LEDs provide an excellent way of identifying leaks and tracing the source of water, so this feature makes the CRI-1650R a perfect plumber’s partner. 

Long battery life with built in power bank! 

Speaking of features the CRI-1650R is loaded with them! Not only does the powerful 13,500mAh Li-ion battery provide an impressive 7 ½ – 149 hours of runtime. The work light also doubles as a USB Power Bank with multiple outputs for charging all your devices including tools and your smartphone. That is not all when it comes to the battery features, the light itself has multiple inputs offering 5V-3A as well as 9V-2A charging offering a full charge within 5 ½ hours and we even include a 1m USB-C Cable in the box for you. For added Quality of life we have also included a battery level and charging level indicator so you can see the status of your light immediately. 

We cannot talk about one of our lights without talking about build quality. Like our full range we have designed the CRI-1650R to last, our motto is Lights. Built. Tough. and we mean it!

CRI-1650 High CRI Work light Built tough from the best materials.  

The CRI-1650R compact CRI work light is built from premium aluminium, Super tough nylon & TPR offering a solid IP Rating of IPX5. When it comes to building the product, it is not just about the toughness but the utility too. We wanted to make this the swiss army knife of portable CRI lights with as much quality of life as we could fit into such a tiny package.  

Around the main LED we have included a glow in the dark strip for extra visibility for darker areas. We have also included strong magnets in the base as well as a threaded hole for tripods so this can be positioned almost everywhere. The CRI-1650R also included a 180° rotating stand so no matter where it is positioned you will be able to adjust the light to illuminate your subject. It also includes a carabiner snap hook for extra utility. 

Overall, we have designed the CRI-1650R to be used in as many places as possible by as many industry professionals as possible. whilst also keeping a sharp sleek look and keeping the form factor ultra-compact. 

We hope you love the CRI-1650R rechargeable High CRI compact work light as much as we did designing it! 

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