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LED Lanterns L-1000 & L-1800

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LED Lanterns x 2

The L-1000 & L-1800 are Unilites contemporary LED Lanterns. A vast upgrade of the traditional lantern. When Unilite first started way back in 1981 they launched the company with a range of lanterns. Not the modern LED type, but the old Krypton Bulbs that had to be replaced at fairly reasonable intervals, as well as having the large 6V batteries. Initial sales were so good that it spring boarded the company to branch out into doing other personal lighting. Well now Unilite are gone full circle and launched the L-1000 & L-1800 lantern.

Powerful Beams

So, what makes these LED lanterns so good? Well the first thing has got to be their powerful 1000 & 1800 lumen beams. You can confidently use these on search and rescue operations and any other work at distance. With a 532M or 760M range, you have massive scope to repurpose these lanterns for all manner of jobs. Quite the upgrade from those initial Krypton Bulb versions!

Why have one light when you can have two! Both the L-1000 & L-1800 feature an additional light on their base. These ‘COB’ LEDs provide a well spread light that is perfect for nearby illumination. With a 750 & 1000 lumen beam, they are great for inspections, repairs and any other static work.

Extra long runtimes

Disposable lantern batteries can be expensive as well as less environmentally friendly. As Unilite pioneers to become more sustainable as a business, so do the products. The L-1000 & L-1800 are both Type-C rechargeable with ultra-capacity l-ion batteries. These provide a 6.5 hour runtime for the L-1000 & 9 hour runtime for the L-1800. This is the runtime of the highest setting, so no need to compromise on power! If you want to dim the light, then there is a capacity to do so. An important feature when in survival situations, or when you don’t have access to a charger.

For charging and battery level observation, there is a handy 4 stage indicator on the top handle. Just another helping hand so you are not left in the dark!

LED Lanterns. Built. Tough.

These lanterns come with Unilites DNA of toughness. Like Colonel Sanders secret recipe, these lanterns have a blend of super tough polycarbonate, ABS and aluminium, providing an appetising strength that will appeal to all industries. This blend provides a high level of protection for the lanterns, but also an IPX6 rating against the heaviest of downpours, further extending its outdoor capabilities. You would expect this type of tough lantern to be overly weighty. The good news is each one weighs only 730g and 773g, so nothing like gripping a dumbbell! To save it being carried in your hand all the while, there is a convenient shoulder strap included with each lantern.

Extra features

Each LED lantern will have a threaded hole on its base for attaching to tripods. Surveyors and builders will find this feature very useful. Just one final glowing feature. A glow in the dark strip around the reflector! Perfect for finding it in a busy cupboard, or densely packed van!

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