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A Record Year at Unilite 

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Pandemics, People & Productsit has been an unusual year here at Unilite to say the least. If there has been one consistent trend throughout, we would sum it up as “Positive Change”. 

When the Pandemic first hit, we were as unsure as everyone how it would all play out. Fortunately, through rapid innovation, we have managed to make this our best year yet. Our sales figures are up +22% from pre pandemic levels. We could not have done this without all our loyal fans. So, first and foremost, we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that has purchased a Unilite product and distributors across the world, we could not have done it without you guys. 

The Fresh Face of Unilite 

It has been a big year for Unilite in terms of hiring, with 7 new members we are growing at an unprecedented rate! 

New to the team are 2 new members in marketing headed by Lisa Woolaston, including: 

Jack – Videographer 

Nathan – Web Developer 

4 team members in our office and customer support team: 

Shelley – Web Services & Support 

Abbey – Office Assistant 

Louie – Legal & Compliance  

Klaudia – Accounts & Finance 


And last but not least one new hire for our warehouse team: 

Josh – Warehouse Operative 


Everyone has found their own place within Unilite very quickly and are enjoying all of the exciting developments. Stay tuned to our social medial channels over the next few months for interviews with all of the new members of the team!  

Built Tough, Not Normal! 

In the last year we had a think about what Unilite really means to both of us as a company and our loyal customers. One thing that came up consistently was how enduring a Unilite Worklight isAll of our products are built from premium materials and are designed to last, no cutting corners here! 

This led us to change our whole approach to marketing and introduced our new brand line: 

“Lights. Built. Tough.” 

We know what you are thinking, it is easy to say something. A marketing strapline means nothing unless its proven… so we did just that!  

Over the last year, we have pummelled our work lights with cricket balls from both a professional bowler and a cricket machine! Shot them with shotguns, ran over them with armoured vehicles and blasted them with tank fire*. That is not all, one of our lights, the SP-4500 made it where no work light has gone before, SPACE. Even better it returned to earth with not even a scratch upon it. 

*Turns out Unilite Products are not heavy artillery proof  

Take a look at some of the videos below to see how we’ve tested our lights to their limit.  

Unilite VS Tank

Unilite in Space!

New Unilite Products 

One of the things that sets Unilite aside from our competitors is the constant need to innovate & improve. Over the last year we have not just improved upon our existing worklights and created new ones. We have created a whole new range of products including a collaboration with Velocity Progear. 

The First of our new ranges was our SG-YIO Safety Glasses, we were tired of safety glasses being functional only, so we rubbed some Unilite spice in to the mix. We created a pair of Safety Glasses that are not only incredibly tough, but stylish too. Keep your eyes peeled for some new glasses in our safety range coming very soon! 

Next up our collaboration with Velocity Progear. We set out to design a tool bag that will last you years, whilst providing every feature you could ask for and looking stylish at the same time. With our friends at Velocity Progear we went to the drawing board, from initial sketches to completion, and you know what? We nailed it with the UR4.5!

And finally the last of our new product lines. Hard Cases.  Waterproof, ultra tough and with pick & pluck as standard with a huge range of sizes available. We have finally offered a perfect travel companion to our arsenal of Unilite Worklights. 

That’s it from us for today, but once again thank you for your support over our record-breaking year, and here’s to a new year. Expect bigger and better, we won’t disappoint! 

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