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HL-8R Head Torch

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Introducing the HL-8R Head Torch 

When it comes to product design our mantra has always been, constantly improve and stay ahead of the curve, our latest sensor head torch the HL-8R follows our core principles and delivers unrivalled power, build quality and features at its price point. We are going to break down everything that you can look forward to in the new HL-8R Sensor Head Torch. 

HL-8R LED Information 

Let us start with the main feature, the actual light source! Like all our Unilite products we only use high quality LED’s and components and in the case of the HL-8R we have really gone all out offering a range of selectable lighting modes.  

 The HL-8R offers a total of 475 lumens from its powerful SMD LED floodlight. This is the brunt power of the headtorch and provides a cool white 6500k for a balanced working light. This provides enough power to illuminate any working environment you find yourself in.

There is also the addition of the powerful 250 lumen long distance spot beam which reaches an impressive 90 metres. So, when navigating outside or in larger workspaces you will always be able to navigate efficiently thanks to the HL-8R.

Feature Packed LED Head torch 

It is not just about the light though. A range of features and user friendly improvements make this the perfect head torch to take with you everywhere. Quite often when using a head torch, you will be wearing gloves or your hands will be occupied by tools, making buttons particularly difficult to press. That is why the HL-8R supports hands free operation simply by waving your hands over the integrated sensor, so no more awkward fumbling! 

The HL-8R also includes a 60° rotating head, so even with tricky or tight spots you can get the perfect amount of light required simply by rotating the light to the desired spot. 

Every HL-8R also include a comfortable Non-Slip Silicone Headband that is adjustable for any head size. 

Lights. Built. Tough. 

Like every single Unilite product we have built the HL-8R TOUGH. The headlight features an IP65 Water and dust resistance as well as IK07 Shock resistance, so the occasional drop will not do any harm to your new head torch. 

The HL-8R is designed as a workhorse so its powerful 1500 mAh Li-Polymer Battery will allow for run times between 4 & 35 hours depending on the settings used. As this is a brand new Unilite product it supports USB-C fast charging and we have included a 1M Fast Charge cable in the box for you. 

We hope you love the HL-8R Sensor Head torch as much as we did designing it! 

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