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Compact Inspection Light | IL-175R

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IL-175R Compact Inspection Light

Every week we’re going to showcase one of our favourite products, whether that’s a compact inspection light, work light or even one of our pieces of merch. (Trade Legends beer taste test incoming!) This week we’ve gone for an absolute gem. Lightweight, durable and affordable, with so many features! And unless you somehow managed to get this far without reading the title, you may have guessed it’s the IL-175R Folding Inspection light.

Built Premium. Built Tough.

Before we even get to features, let’s just talk about how stylish this little guy is! We really don’t mess around when it comes to product design. We know you’ll agree it really is a thing of beauty! Sporting an aircraft grade aluminium body in matte black with our signature Unilite yellow highlights. That’s not to say it’s all just aesthetics. This inspection light has an impressive IK07 Shock Rating due to its ultra-tough build. Weighing in at only 60g, this light is not going to be a pain to carry around with you. Even though the IL-175R is a featherweight inspection light it still feels incredibly tough and well built in the hand.

Feature Packed Inspection Light

Although we can talk about how beautiful this inspection light is all day long. It’s time to get down to business. What can the IL-175R actually do? The answer. A lot!

Sporting a surprisingly bright 175 lumen 6500k white COB LED on the front as well as a 150 lumen light on the rear, but that’s not all. At the top you’ll find an extra 70 Lumen top torch, perfect for getting into the tightest gaps in a boiler or any other crevice.

The light alone is not just where this product shines (pun completely intended). The IL-175R is packed with tones of utility! It features a 180° rotating head, which when fully folded has an ultra-small form factor of just 11.5cm. The built in handy pocket clip can be clipped to your waist at ease. Back to the rotating head, the IL-175R has three strong built-in magnets for completely hands-free work, allowing you to free yourself up for intricate jobs.

Light for any space

Simply angle the head to exactly where you need and snap the light to your work surface whether that’s using the bottom magnet or the two powerful side magnets. You will be able to find the perfect spot to light up your work surface every time. To summarise that’s 3 magnets, 3 lights and a 180° rotating head. If you can find a spot you can’t light up with this inspection light, we will be incredibly surprised!

You know what’s not fun? Buying batteries. That’s why we made the IL-175R completely rechargeable. Unlike some other competing work lights, we appreciate it’s 2021 and using old tech or proprietary cable types is rubbish. We want to make your life as easy as possible. In the box we included a USB-C cable, so you can just plug it in the van or anywhere else with a USB port. Lose the cable? No problem! You’ll have plenty of spares without even knowing as it’s the same cable as most phones! From a quick 2.5 hours charge you get up to 6 hours of charge, more than enough to get you through the job.

Inspection light for Plumbers, Electricians… and more!

You know it looks good and you know it has all the features you need, but where would you use the IL-175R Compact Inspection Light?

This really is an everyday light. Slip it in your pocket and you’re good to go at a moment’s notice. Although the light is very bright, we recommend using this light in small areas where a good balanced light is needed. This is perfect when you need both hands free. It’s a great tool for plumbers who work on boilers or under sinks, as you can light up exactly what you need. When working in these spaces, theres usually always metal available to make use of the powerful magnets. Another excellent case scenario is when working on intricate wiring as an electrician. You may not always have access to light and be in tight gaps. Overall, if you’re working in a small space, this is the light for you thanks to its incredible versatility!

Product of the week

So to summarise, why is the IL-175R our product of the week? It’s affordable, ultra-tough, and perfect in small spaces whilst keeping your hands free for delicate work.

If you already own an IL-175R or are thinking of buying one, let us know what you think of it on our Instagram @uniliteuk