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Introducing the Trade Legends podcast 

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Yup you heard that right, Unilite UK is launching a Trade Legends Podcast! Expect the biggest names in the industry. Giveaways galore, trade talk and a healthy dose of chaos are all going to be part of the parcel when we launch in August. 

Brilliant Banter from the top of the trade 

Headed up by our own Alex Insley from Unilite and Instagram sensation PB Plumber every month, we will feature insights from leading figures and brands from around the world. Don’t be confused, this is not just a podcast to push our Unilite products (Although there’s a good chance we may do just that.) This is an all-inclusive podcast for the entire trade industry. Expect chat from all of the big tool brands as well as famous influencers and tradies who will be bringing their own spin to the chat. You may learn a thing or two, but most importantly you will laugh.  

The Trade Legends Set 

A Set? We know what you are thinking, what’s the point for an audio experience? Well, every episode will be recorded for audio and video, so expect to see our beautiful faces all over YouTube! 

For our set we wanted to try something a little different, so we have decked out the Unilite studio as a veritable man cave. Complete with beer tap, recording area and Trade Legends poker and darts! 

We cannot wait to show you the finished setup so stay tuned for some sneak peeks on our social media channels. 

Trade Legends Beer 

To celebrate the launch of the Trade Legends Podcast, we have created a range of smooth and satisfying beers. These are best served cold and will be the perfect accompanyment when you sit down to watch/listen to the trade legends podcast. This will include the option to ‘sip on a builders crack’ amongst 4 other initial beer styles. Cheers!

Giveaways Galore 

That’s right every episode will feature plenty of giveaways including bottles from our Trade Legends beers courtesy of Church Farm Brewery. Not only that, the amazing guys at Powertool Mate have sponsored Trade Legends and will be giving away huge amounts of tools to our fans so not only will we be dishing out Unilite Work lights, but tools from other great brands too! 

There is a good chance we might be able to persuade some of our guests to bring along a goodie or two as well! 

Trade Legends Launching Late May 

We hope you are sufficiently hyped for a new experience that is going to bring trade talk to the forefront. A place where we can all hang out, grab a beer and have a laugh and learn a thing or two. We are going to be available on all popular Podcast providers, including Apple, Spotify and YouTube. 

A full list of podcast providers as well as an exact date will be announced soon, we look forward to seeing you there! 

The Trade Legends Website is up and ready to view!