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Vehicle Bracket for Work Lights

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5 reviews for HX1500R

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  1. rjobrien

    This is my favourite new light.
    Bright, small, well made, great mounting options & I’m a fan of the memory mode for last used setting.
    Also usb-c for the future ?

  2. Mark Carne

    What a light very robust used it the first time in a loft and well it was like working in daylight cant wait for other light which is on order

  3. Ben Hall

    Very well made and durable. Also compact which makes it great for working in tight spaces

  4. jonbolson (verified owner)

    Wow wow wow, been lookong for a bright and convient light for a long time i have had several lights but they either got in the way and the magnets weren’t strong enough or they were too big to fit in the tight spaces. Also the amount of hours in low rhe lights last

  5. jonbolson (verified owner)

    I love this lamp, the strength of the magnets, the brightness even on low beam, and the durability of the casing. I did have two, and someone in the shop liked one of them, unfortunately I do not know who decided they needed it more than I did or for that matter couldn’t buy one for himself. I will be replacing my lost light soon.

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