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High CRI Worklight – CRI-1900 Breakdown

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Compact, bright, and full of great features. The high CRI worklight, the CRI-1900 is a multi-purpose CRI 96+ light with a plethora of features designed to work across all industries.

Stylish & Flexible

The first thing to notice is its low profile, with a vertical 1900 lumen COB LED strip and carry handle that can fold 180°. This asset is useful when you need to fit the light in a tight gap and so it doesn’t take up a large amount of space.

Colour Accurate High Cri Worklight

A 96+ CRI gives almost perfect lighting clarity and the addition of 4 colour temperatures helps performance in many ways. A lot of High CRI lights are used in painting and car detailing. This is precisely where the CRI-1900 can shine. It has a colour temperature range of 2700k/3500k/4500k/6500k, which helps you to alter the shade of light to match up colour swatches and test paint in other lights. In addition, the varying colour temperatures help the operator to find the perfect light for them, whether it is a warmer 2700k or the cool white 6500k! There is also a neat feature that remembers the last colour temperature you used, in case you turn the light off and back on again!

Smart Battery & Feature Rich

The CRI-1900 contains a powerful 5000mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery. The CRI-1900 is also mains operable, providing a great backup solution if the battery runs out. If you flip the light around, you will see an information panel on the left. This informs you of the lumen level selected, the colour temperature and charge/battery indicator. This helps to control the performance on the light, ensuring you have it set up precisely to your requirements. To the right-hand side is the charging/mains port and a useful 2A USB power bank for charging small devices.

The CRI-1900 high cri worklight is naturally constructed to a higher quality and has several strong design features. It is made from super tough nylon polymer that is robust and resistant to rough treatment. It also has an IP65 rating, providing both great levels of dust and water resistance. In addition to this the stand rotates 210° featuring a hidden carabineer snap hook and strong magnets on its base.

Whilst the CRI-1900 will be a popular choice for car detailers and painters. Its versatile capabilities and strong overall performance mean it will be a great light for people in all trades.

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